Getting Started

Step 1 (Optional) – Assessment

1 hour 1-2-1 session with a Personal trainer to assess muscle tightness, weakness and postural imbalance (full body MOT).

This requires no level of fitness and will give you the confidence to train and knowledge of what to work on in the mobility (self-rehab) section of the class.

*The assessment is OPTIONAL but highly recommended!

Coach training a client in Squat Clean movement
group of athletes life a barbell over their heads

Step 2 – Foundation Course

(only required for CrossFit classes)

Unless you are an experienced CrossFitter, everyone must complete the CFNL Foundation course.

The is completed through 3 x 1-2-1 sessions with a CFNL coach.
Each session lasts 60 minutes and the course costs £165 (option to do it with up to 3 other people at additional cost).

Step 3 -General Classes

Get ready to go! Our classes are inclusive to everyone at all skill levels. Talk to us about our great membership options and then book your first class!

*If you are already experienced in weightlifting and do not feel you need to complete the Foundation course, you will be required to book in for a 30 minute movement assessment to check you are proficient at the basic CrossFit movements and can train safely on your own if using Open Gym

group of athletes after a workout